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Geranium Essential Oil

Updated: Oct 17

Welcome back to the Yuana Aroma blog. Today we focus on another star player in our luxury aroma range of products: geranium essential oil.

Geranium essential oil is distilled from the leaves of the Pelargonium plant that grows throughout temperate regions and specifically from Africa. Its cultivation has helped to emancipate impoverished communities in Africa. It has also been cultivated for ages for its therapeutic and aromatic properties. Its aroma has rosy notes with a minty lemony aspect and can ensure peace within a person.

What Are the Benefits of Geranium Essential Oil?

1. Geranium Essential Oil Helps Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and Depression: One of the scientific studies listed at the U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine has shown that inhaled vapours have a calming effect. Hence in aromatherapy, geranium essential oil is used in diffusers to address stress, anxiety, and depression.

Flowers of the Geranium plant whose leaves are used to make Yuana Aroma Geranium Essential Oil

2. Geranium Essential Oil Helps to Ease Menopause and Perimenopause Symptoms: Another study listed there showed its beneficial result in addressing menopausal symptoms caused by reduced oestrogen production.

3. Geranium Essential Oil Helps to Fight Acne: Studies have shown it has antibiotic properties against specific bacterial strains. When geranium essential oil is diluted with a carrier oil, it can be used for spot treatment of acne. Always do a patch test on the skin before using it to check for any allergic response.

4. Geranium Essential Oil Helps Improve Sleep Quality: Diffuser Oils and Pillow Mists containing geranium essential oil have shown vast improvements for people dealing with sleep issues. Geranium calms the mind and induces sleep and improves the depth of sleep.

Which Are the Products from Yuana Aroma Containing Geranium Essential Oil?

Experience the soothing benefits of geranium essential oil with Yuana Aroma’s luxury aroma range of products. Whether you need a Pillow Mist, a Diffuser Oil, a Body Oil, a Room Freshener, or a Perfume, we have the perfect product for your inner harmony.

Geranium plants who leaves are used to make Yuana Aroma Geranium Essential Oil

At Yuana Aroma, our luxury aroma products follow rigorous standards to make them gentle and safe for you. You won’t find any Sulphates, Parabens, Artificial Colours, Silicone, or other harmful chemicals that can cause allergies or worse in our products.

Thank you for reading this blog post about the amazing benefits of geranium essential oil. If you are interested in trying our luxury aroma range, please visit the Yuana Aroma website to explore our range of products and experience peace within.

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