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Tea Tree Oil

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

A warm welcome to the Yuana Aroma blog. Amongst the queries we receive regarding our luxury aroma products, tea tree oil for hair,

Leaves of the Tea Tree plant which are used to make Yuana Aroma Pillow Mists, Diffuser Oils and Body Oils

tea tree oil for skin, tea tree oil for acne, and general benefits of tea tree oil are asked frequently, which we hope to address here.

The steam distillation of the leaves of the tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) that grows in the swampy areas of southeast Australia, gives us tea tree oil which has a musky, pine scent.

The benefits of tree tea oil were known to the native Aboriginals who used it in their traditional medicine. Tea tree oil is known to have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties.

What Are the Benefits of Tea Tree Oil?

  1. Tea Tree Oil has Antifungal Properties: Small published scientific studies have shown that tea tree oil mixed with carrier oils acts against fungal strains that cause nail infections.

  2. Tea Tree Oil has Antibacterial Properties: A drop of tea tree oil when mixed with water and applied on acne has been found to be an effective solution in some studies when compared to conventional medicines.

  3. Tea Tree Oil Accelerates Wound Healing: A small study in which tea tree oil was added to conventional wound treatment showed improved wound healing and a boost in production of white blood cells.

  4. Tea Tree Oil Acts as A Natural Mouthwash: One study found that mixing a drop of tea tree oil with a cup of warm water was more effective than other conventional mouthwashes.

  5. Tea Tree Oil Acts as An Insect Repellent: Vapours and sprays of tea tree oil have been found to be effective at warding off insects, especially mosquitoes. This is a natural solution, as compared to chemical insect repellents.

  6. Tea Tree Oil is Good for Hair: Hair products containing tea tree oil have proven to reduce certain kinds of dandruff and thus promote hair growth. Also, combined tea tree oil and lavender oil treatments have been proven to kill both head lice and their eggs, thus providing a natural alternative.

  7. Tea Tree Oil is Good for Sleep: Pillow Mist products have shown to induce good sleep quality due to tea tree essential oil's relaxing qualities.

A bottle of tea tree essential oil in front of the leaves of the Tea Tree which are used to make Yuana Aroma Pillow Mists, Diffuser Oils and Body Oils

Which Are the Products from Yuana Aroma Containing Tea Tree Oil?

Discover the healing power of tea tree oil with Yuana Aroma’s high-quality luxury aroma products. Our Pillow Mists, Diffuser Oils and Body Oils are infused with tea tree oil for your wellness and to ensure peace within.

We adhere to strict standards to ensure our luxury aroma products are gentle and safe for you. Yuana Aroma products are free of Sulphates, Parabens, Artificial Colour, Silicone or other harmful chemicals that can trigger allergies or worse.

We hope that you enjoyed this blog post about the amazing benefits of tea tree oil. If you want to experience our products, please check out our website to see our variety of luxury aroma products.

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