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Introducing Yuana Aroma Bergamot Essential Oil, cold-pressed from bergamot fruit rinds for a refreshing, citrusy scent. Valued for skin-soothing properties and mood-lifting aroma, it's perfect for hair growth, skin health, stress relief, and antibacterial needs. Directly sourced from farmers.


Usage:Dilute with carrier oils like Yuana Aroma Almond, Olive, or Argan Oil. Patch test before regular use.


Hair Care: Add to shampoo or mix with carrier oil for scalp and hair application.


Skin Care: Mix into massage oil, body wash, face wash, or scrubs. Apply diluted to acne, cuts, or blackheads. Use as a facial rinse.


Aromatherapy: Add to a diffuser for an uplifting environment.


Bergamot Essential Oil

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