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Replenish the skin nutrients after every bath with Yuana Aroma After Bath Nourishing Body Oil. Infused with the goodness of essential oils that relaxes the mind and body, boosts the mood, and reduces stress. The calming citrus aroma of european fragrance is known to reduce anxiety and makes you peaceful. Olive oil is an essential ingredient in this after Bath Nourishing body oil that provides moisture to the dehydrated skin and makes it feel soft and supple. Now make Yuana Aroma After Bath Nourishing body oil a part of your daily after bath routine to keep the signs of aging at bay!

Yuana Aroma After Bath Nourishing Body Oil

    • Made with 100 % Natural oil after bath nourishing body oil nourishes the skin and helps to replenish skin nutrients after hot bath.

    • Deodorizer, Body smells good.

    • Infused with natural Essential oils that boosts the mood, relieves stress, improves sleep & makes you peaceful.

    • Hydrates and moisturizes dry and dehydrated skin, reduces the signs of ageing.

    • Improves the texture of the skin

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