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Diffuser oils help to create a soothing and relaxing vibe around you, in your home and office environment, in turn reducing stress, improving your mood, and enhancing your wellbeing. Diffuser oils also purify the air, repels insects and eliminates odours. You can choose a specific combination of diffuser oils, for an intended purpose, and extract the maximum benefit based on the science of aromachology. Aromachology studies the influence of aromas and how it can stimulate or trigger different behaviours, feelings and emotions within the body. Yuana Aroma applies this science of aromachology to bring you pre-packaged combos of Diffuser Oils depending on how you want to use it.


AIDS GOOD SLEEP contains two 10 ml amber glass bottles, each containing a blend of 100% pure, organic, natural essential oils of lily, lavender and frankincense in a premium box packaging. This has been formulated by our master perfumer using the science of aromachology, and ensures that you are totally destressed and relaxed before going to sleep, which in turn, ensures serene, deep sleep. Lavender essential oil is a known sleep inducer and ensures restful, deep sleep. Frankincense essential oil relieves stress and lulls you into a gentle deep sleep. Lily of the Valley promotes healthy sleep patterns. The signature blends are specifically designed to ensure that you wake up feeling energised and not drowsy.


As you wind down after your workday, choose either one of the essential oil bottles. From it, add 3 drops for every 100 ml of water into your diffuser machine and plug it in. The signature blends work on the science of aromachology to ensure serene sleep.

Yuana Aroma Diffuser Oil - 'Aids Good Sleep'

1 Milliliter
    • Aromachology-based formula for better sleep and energy
    • Made from 100% pure essential oil blends of Lavender & Frankincense, Lily
    • 2 bottles of signature aroma diffuser oils


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