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Yuana Aroma Eucalyptus Essential Oil, also known as Nilgiri Oil, is derived from eucalyptus leaves grown in the Nilgiri mountains. It's a potent botanical essence with numerous benefits, including relieving chest and sinus congestion, muscle aches, and repelling insects. Remember to dilute it with Yuana Aroma Carrier Oils like Almond, Olive, or Argan oil before using on skin or hair, and perform a patch test beforehand. 


For chest and sinus congestion relief, add a few drops to a steamer for inhalation. To ease muscle aches, blend with carrier oils and massage onto affected areas. And for a natural insect repellent, diffuse a few drops in water in your diffuser.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

    • Helps to improve health and get rid of pests
    • 100% pure essential oil of Eucalyptus
    • Amber bottle to prevent deterioration
    • Premium box packaging
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