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Introducing Yuana Aroma Frankincense Essential Oil, steam-distilled from Boswellia tree resin for a soft, sweet, earthy aroma. Known for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial properties, it supports mental tranquility, skin, hair care, and sleep quality. Sourced directly from farmers.


Usage:Dilute with carrier oils like Almond, Olive, or Argan Oil. Patch test for skin sensitivity.

Skin Care: Mix with carrier oil for massage or add to body wash, face wash, or scrubs. Use diluted for targeted concerns.


Hair Care: Add to shampoo or blend with carrier oil for scalp application.


 Aromatherapy: Mix with carrier oil for massage or add to diffuser. Can be used in oral care by adding a drop to toothpaste.

Frankincense Essential Oil

    • Helps to improve mind and body
    • 100% pure essential oil of Frankincense
    • Amber bottle to prevent deterioration
    • Premium box packaging
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