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Yuana Aroma Lemongrass Essential Oil is meticulously steam-distilled, preserving its citrusy essence. It's a versatile oil sourced directly from farmers, offering benefits for hair, skin, and aromatherapy.


Remember to dilute it with carrier oils like Almond, Olive, or Argan oil before using on skin or hair, and perform a patch test beforehand.


Skin care:blend a few drops with a carrier oil for massage or spot application, or add to your body wash or face scrubs.


Hair care:massage onto the scalp before washing, or add to shampoo and conditioner.


Aromatherapy:diffuse a few drops in water in your diffuser. And for muscle relief, blend with a carrier oil and massage onto inflamed muscles.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

    • Helps to create a positive atmosphere at home and workplace
    • 100% pure essential oil of Lemongrass
    • Amber bottle to prevent deterioration
    • Premium box packaging
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