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Introducing Yuana Aroma Tea Tree Essential Oil, steam-distilled from Melaleuca alternifolia leaves for natural skin, hair care, and overall well-being. Sourced directly from farmers for authenticity and quality.


Usage:Dilute with carrier oils like Almond, Olive, or Argan Oil. Perform a patch test for allergies.


Hair Care: Massage onto scalp before shampooing or add to shampoo and conditioner.


Skin Care: Apply diluted oil to affected areas for acne treatment or moisturizing massages. Add to body washes or face scrubs.


Aromatherapy: Add to diffuser for a refreshing aroma. Use as a disinfectant by adding to water for cleaning floors and bathrooms.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

    • Helps to improve mind and body
    • 100% pure essential oil of Tea Tree
    • Amber bottle to prevent deterioration
    • Premium box packaging
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