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People on an average spend 1/3rd of their life sleeping. As per the market research report, 10% of the world population has chronic sleep deprivation and has trouble falling asleep. With the help of Aromachology (the science behind the psychology of odors on the human mind) we are introducing a range of products that will aid people to take restful & deep sleep.

Our well researched products will help people to get relaxed sleep and feel energetic when they wake up. Aromatherapy oils activate certain areas of the brain like the limbic system that helps alleviate stress and calms your mind. 

The Potent Essential Oils used in Yuana Aroma Pillow Mist helps in invigorating and relaxing certain states of mind, release blocked energy, and create a peaceful environment that promotes a deep and restful sleep.

Yuana Aroma Harmony Pillow Mist is effective in dealing with Chronic Stress, which is one of the major causes of sleep problems.

 The content of pillow mist is 15ml with approximately 80 to 100 sprays.

Yuana Aroma Pillow Mist - 3 Fragrance Combo

    • Specially formulated to help people to get deep sleep and feel energetic when they wake up.

    • The three variants cater to four major types of sleep problems.

    • Made from100% potent essential oils like Geranium & Patchouli.

    • Has a Peaceful aroma that relaxes mind and reduces stress

    • Makes your pillow smell good whole night.

    • Can also be used on bed spread.

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