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Sleep problems affect one in three adults due to various factors such as stress, lifestyle, genetics, or health issues. Poor sleep quality can harm your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Aromachology studies the influence of aromas and how it can stimulate or trigger different behaviours, feelings and emotions within the body. Yuana Aroma applies this science of aromachology to bring you Soothing Slumber Blends for pulse point application, as the answer to your sleep problems and to ensure restful and deep sleep. 


Soothing Slumber Blend - Tea tree & Ylang ylang contains one 10 ml amber bottle for pulsepoint application and a glass dropper in a premium box packaging. This signature blend contains 100% pure, organic, natural essential oils of Tea tree and Ylang ylang. This has been formulated by our master perfumer using the science of aromachology, and ensures tranquil, deep sleep. The signature blend is specifically designed to relax you before you go to sleep and to ensure that you wake up feeling energised and not drowsy.Ylang ylang essential oil will fill you with waves of relaxation and destress you after a long day. Tea tree essential oil is perfect to help with stress and ensure a restful sleep.


Before you drift off to sleep, dab the Soothing Slumber Blend oil from the dropper provided, on the spots where you feel the pulse under the skin, such as your nape, ears, wrists and temples. Essential oils are best absorbed from these areas to give you the maximum benefit.

Yuana Aroma Soothing Slumber Blend - 'Tea Tree & Ylang Ylang'

1 Milliliter
    • Aromachology-based formula for better sleep and energy
    • Made from 100% pure essential oils of Tea tree & Ylang ylang
    • Soothing Slumber Blend bottle comes with a dropper for pulsepoint application
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