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Get rid of unpleasant odours that linger in your wardrobe and have your clothes smell as good as they look. Aromachology studies the influence of aromas and how it can stimulate or trigger different behaviours, feelings and emotions within the body. Yuana Aroma brings you luxury aroma Wardrobe Refreshers. They come in a variety of fragrances that suit your mood and occasion, based on the science of aromachology.The innovative aroma blends are designed to caress and tantalise your senses, without any hassle or harm. 


Wardrobe Refreshers come in five luxury aromas in delicate silk pouches that add to the grandeur of your wardrobe. A sweet fragrance of Madurai Jasmine emanates from the delicate pouch made of white silk. The scent of Mandarin is zesty and tempting, like the pouch of orange silk that contains it. The mystical fragrance of the Orient lures you from the silken green pouch. The red silk pouch beckons you with the seductive fresh aroma of English Roses. The aroma of European Lavender mesmerises you from the silken yellow pouch.


Place the silk pouch in a drawer or on a wardrobe shelf.

Yuana Aroma - 'Wadrobe Freshener'

    • Aromachology-based formula for better aroma in the wardrobe
    • 5 variants iInfused with 100% pure essential oils of jasmine, mandarin, ylang ylang, rose, lavender respectively, depending on the pouch chosen


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