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Wind down after a hectic day with Yuana Aroma Pillow Mist - Quiet. Spritz this soothing pillow spray infused with a tranquil blend of essential oils on your pillow and sheets as you prepare for bed. The calming aroma of the mist, crafted based on aromachology principles, helps to quiet your mind and promotes deep, restful sleep.


Yuana Aroma Pillow Mist - Quiet

1 Milliliter
  • Tranquil Blend

     A mix of Tea Tree and Ylang Ylang essential oils, based on aromachology, promotes peaceful sleep.

    Stress Relief

    Ylang Ylang relaxes you, while Tea Tree eases stress for sound sleep.

    Aromatic Experience

    Designed to calm your mind and pamper your senses.


    Each bottle lasts for about 80 sprays.

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